Karvan is a tactical roguelite. A gigantic tree grow up some years ago. Every one want to be the first to reach the top. In the tree, useful resources have sprouted and towns have been build in the tree to exploit them. Recolt them and upgrade your strating camp to ease your ascent. Beware, brigants, beast and even soldier would stop you and plunder all your effort.

The tree is a world by himself and travel to the top is a mercyless journey, but everyone want to see what’s on the top, be the first to know.

Build your camp

Upgrade and see your camp grow as you spend resource

Fight your way up

Affront waves of ennemies as you progress up in the tree, avoid to lose too many troops and force your way up to the top of the tree


Offer yourself a slice of peace when you reach a town


Progress all your way up through event and choices that’ll make choose between risk and reward